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It was a late, grey, cold winter Saturday evening.

We were wrapping up the re-arrangement and cleanup post our wellness event.

Both of us were exhausted. It had been a long week. The day had started hours before the actual event with preps and coordination, the unloading, decorating, etc. The event was fun and interactive. However, both of us were done and ready to go home to our families and seize whatever was left of the weekend. 

As we were chatting and gave each other a hug, the mood was upbeat: One day, we will be abroad, sitting at the beach and sipping cocktails remembering all these events and where we started.
Fast forward, 2 years later, here we are. Sunshine, water, beauty, fresh air, amazing people - doing what we love and sipping those cocktails we talked about as the sun sets. Wow, dreams do come true! Sometimes the timeline is different, sometimes there is a detour or two ....

And while people see the beautiful photos and joy, there are many who have...

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More life for me and others!

This is the word brightly glittering on top of my 2021 Vision Board.

I had been toying with a few words but this one really spoke to me and, ironically, kept showing up literally everywhere! 


It fascinates me how things unfold, and certain happenings make a deeper impression. You don’t know exactly why. But then all of a sudden, you begin hearing a repetitive message and theme everywhere. #Universe

First heard David Neagle talk about the Desire for More Life during his Art of Success Summit. The message resonated with me. Yes, can absolutely relate to this law as the more I follow in my purpose, the more alive and fulfilled I feel. 💯

Then I started rereading the book The Science of Getting Rich. Once again – astonishes me how I can read/ listen to the same material twice and get so much more the second time around. #Evolution.

There is a chapter that talks about ...

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