$97.00 USD

Pilates for Men

Friday, 3/3/2023, 6-8 PM

Rebellious Studio

You exercise yet your back is achy, your knees and shoulders speak up from time to time, your neck is tight, your body is stiff. Tying your shoes and putting a jacket on is becoming a thing. You want to stay strong, limber and active yet are not sure what the solution is.

You have heard of Pilates. You don't think of Pilates as a fitness routine for men. Here is your opportunity to change your mind.

Experience the Pilates method in your body. Meet your physical core as you have likely never had before. Learn how Pilates can be your solution towards a strong and flexible body, active aging, fewer aches plus offer you the extra benefits of better posture, more confidence, mind-body awareness, and calmer mind. 

Are you ready to embrace a workout which will challenge you from the depths of your core, make you stand taller and one you can perform for the rest of your life? If so, join in for this 2-hour workshop - Pilates for Men. 

* Learn about the history and principles of Pilates

* Gain awareness of your alignment

* Meet your physical core

* Review common compensations

* Complete a Pilates workout

... all in a fun and engaging environment. 

Here is a client testimonial - listen in

Limited space. The event will be hosted in-person n the Rebellious Studio in North Sandy Springs. 

Please note: This offer is non-refundable.