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Conquering Fear


Have I mentioned that I have fear of heights?

It didn’t use to be the case till maybe 25 years ago and not sure why it developed.

Now I have a hard time getting to the ledge of anything high. I prefer to stay back.


Here comes X-Tasea, Acapulco - world’s largest over-water zip line and one of the adrenaline adventures the city offers. Because who wants to do something boring, right?

X-Tasea extends for more than a mile across Puerto Marquez Bay and reaches speeds of up to 75 mph at an altitude of 328 feet.

Thought to myself - this will be a cool experience to face my fear.

We got to the site - oh, those ropes look super high and long. I could sense the discomfort in my body. 

Climbed up a set of stairs. The ropes appeared even higher.

They weighted us. Thought to myself - definitely not a place you’d want to lie about your weight. Maybe humor will distract me?

We started getting set up with safety equipment, helmets. The upcoming experience...

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