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Authenticity - The Freedom in Being You

It has been a busy few months. Couple of more events before being able to take a brief break before resuming a new week.

Saturday evening was gala night for a non-profit Rebellious sponsored. Enjoyed a fabulous time. A beautiful balance of community, connection and fun.

Got home and checked out the event pictures. Lovely. One picture caught my eye. There was something about it. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It triggered something inside me. Unlocked my phone and checked it out several times. What was it about this picture?

Woke up. First thing. Checked the photo. Hm. Why is this photo such a big deal?!?

Hosted a movement workshop. Wrapped up and left to run a few errands.

The picture is still in my head. Hm. Weird. No clarity what the feeling is or why it is there. There is something to it. It feels good. And it's bigger than 'oh, cute' type of thing. 


Sitting at a light, and BOOM, the light bulb comes on! O.M.G. The realization! Bright and clear!

This picture...

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