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Rebellious Studio is launching its First Program for Pre-Teens and Teens

events self care Dec 12, 2022

ATLANTA, December 12, 2022 – Rebellious Studio is launching its first program, Young Rebels, for pre-teens and teens.

"The Young Rebels Class is inspired by adult clients who constantly ask me how come no one teaches us all this at a young age. My pre-teen daughter and my interactions with kids who are encountering issues such as fitting in, peer pressure, body image, isolation, lack of movement, and more, inspired creating this program," says the founder & CEO of Rebellious Studio, Maria Angelova.

Each session will be a combination of movement and mindset activities aimed at building strong bodies, keeping minds calm, and creating a community of support and encouragement where each child’s authenticity is appreciated and encouraged.

The class will start with groundwork helping students create mind-body awareness. Youngsters will learn more about their bodies and physical experience as well as gain insight into their emotional states.

The program aims to teach the kids life-changing skills such as how to love themselves, respect their bodies, select friends, set boundaries, and more.

Young Rebels Starts in January 2023

"Kids nowadays are exposed to much more at a young age due to technology. The recent pandemic created a spike in kids feeling isolated, saddened, and lonely. All these, combined with the regular struggles of preteens – body image, peer pressure, and fitting in, puts a lot of pressure on their young minds. Addressing the above in a safe and nurturing environment by creating a community is much needed for kids today. The Young Rebels program offers this in a fun and encouraging environment." explains Maria.

The Young Rebels program will provide ways to create and reinforce healthy lifestyle habits for all participants.

The Young Rebels program is designed for kids 12-15 years old. The classes start on January 24th and will meet Tuesdays from 7 PM to 8:15 PM at North Georgia School of Ballet. The cost for the program is $197. To experience this one-of-a-kind program, reserve your spot and access the full schedule.

About Rebellious Studio

“Rebellious" is a Pilates studio in Sandy Springs, GA offering comprehensive mental and physical programs for a strong body and calm mind. The programs combine the power of functional movement, Pilates, growth mindset, and energy healing and aim to transform from the inside.

The studio offers private, duet, and group in-person and online sessions. "Rebellious" offers wellness retreats and workplace wellness. The Rebellious programs are designed for anyone who wants to return to mobility, get rid of aches, stiffness and pain, improve athletic performance, age actively, calm the mind, and transform his/ her life to one he/ she loves living.

"Rebellious" Founder & CEO, Maria Angelova, is a #1-release author, 600-hour Certified Pilates Teacher, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, MBA, and BBA Finance.

Since age 16 and nearly 30 years, Maria has taught group fitness classes in various formats. In 2012, Maria discovered Pilates and fell in love with the method combining strength, flexibility, and fluidity. Maria completed a Pilates certification in 2013. She was impressed by the Pilates impact on her fitness routine, daily functional movement, and life transformation. In 2016, Maria resigned her Finance Director position and founded Rebellious, Intl. The Rebellious studio opened its doors in 2017 with the mission to offer top-notch Pilates training preserving the Pilates legacy. In 2021, Maria added Mindset Coaching and Energy Healing services to offer a comprehensive solution to personal transformation.

Maria is also a motivational keynote speaker with experience presenting on various stages on the topics of self-care, movement, healthy lifestyle, workplace wellness, leadership, personal transformation and more.


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