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personal growth self care Jan 26, 2021


More life for me and others!

This is the word brightly glittering on top of my 2021 Vision Board.

I had been toying with a few words but this one really spoke to me and, ironically, kept showing up literally everywhere! 


It fascinates me how things unfold, and certain happenings make a deeper impression. You don’t know exactly why. But then all of a sudden, you begin hearing a repetitive message and theme everywhere. #Universe

First heard David Neagle talk about the Desire for More Life during his Art of Success Summit. The message resonated with me. Yes, can absolutely relate to this law as the more I follow in my purpose, the more alive and fulfilled I feel. 💯

Then I started rereading the book The Science of Getting Rich. Once again – astonishes me how I can read/ listen to the same material twice and get so much more the second time around. #Evolution.

There is a chapter that talks about Competition versus Creation. Two words with such different energy & vibrations! I have to admit, I have gone a loooong way on this one. At the start of my entrepreneurial journey, competition used to freak me out. Yup, the scarcity mindset. I am continuously investing into mindset growth around this topic. I have become aware of and worked on quite a few blocks, and am intentionally embracing the abundance mindset. There is enough out there for us all. It’s liberating when you simply change the lenses. #perspective

The word ‘create’ spoke to me deeply.

2020 was a year of profound personal growth and realization of the healing power of my work. I also realized how many people need healing and have no idea where to start. I talked to friends, acquaintances, strangers and was surprised how much pain there is out there. People are gasping for air. I had no idea it was this dark, heavy and lonely in the world …

Interesting observation – the timing of my exit from corporate (August 2016) and my growth journey so far … as if perfectly orchestrated to be ready to lend a helping (healing) hand to those waking up for transformation now … powerful stuff. When you are not sure why August 2016 was the right timing after 17 years of sitting to make a decision … then clarity shines.

Create – it spoke to me. 2020 “opened” the (imaginary) boundaries for me. I used to work with people locally. After all, who wants to drive long distance recurrently to the Pilates studio, right? Well, actually a few people did but the majority were people close by. I wasn’t sure if teaching Pilates online would work but … it did! And so did mindset work. And wow – rebels were experiencing powerful transformations during time when the energy of the world was heavy. I can’t begin to tell you how freaking empowering, soul-filling and exhilarating that is!

Create – then H.E.A.L.– happened.

People told us we are crazy to start such a networking organization during COVID because no one will show up. We were overwhelmed because powerful community leaders stepped up and joined forces. There is incredible synergy into working, healing and positively impacting the community together.

Create – new opportunities, new relationships.

Meeting people from all over the world. High-caliber folks. High-vibration human beings. The world suddenly became so much smaller. I had kept it big with those imaginary boundaries.

Create – the world can heal only when each and everyone of us takes personal responsibility for our own healing. It is in my purest intent and with a full heart that I share with you my 2021 word and jump into action!

How may I be of assistance to you? What do you need to start or continue your life’s journey?

I have made it a commitment to help everyone I can. Say out loud what you need. Do you need advice? Guidance? A connection? Someone to talk to? You don’t need to feel stuck, sad, unhappy, achy, weak.

May I personally help you? 

Yes, I teach Pilates but I teach much more than that – I teach you to get to know and respect your body. I teach mindset through movement and through using your body as an anchor and storyteller. If you are achy and stiffoverwhelmed and somehow stuck physically & mentally, I may just be your gal.

A dear friend stated it beautifully: you take people to spirituality through the physical door. #HeartSkip 💗

Does everyone seek a spiritual journey? No. Or at least they don’t know they do. It frequently turns out that way. Our body is an expression of us physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. It speaks to us but we are usually too busy and checked out to listen. Life is flowing; your own heart beat is your testament you are here for a reason.

Help me CREATE. For each and everyone one of us but also for the greater good as we all know this world needs healing. #tribe

Would love to hear from you.

What’s your 2021 word and why did you choose it?


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