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Authenticity - The Freedom in Being You

It has been a busy few months. Couple of more events before being able to take a brief break before resuming a new week.

Saturday evening was gala night for a non-profit Rebellious sponsored. Enjoyed a fabulous time. A beautiful balance of community, connection and fun.

Got home and checked out the event pictures. Lovely. One picture caught my eye. There was something about it. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It triggered something inside me. Unlocked my phone and checked it out several times. What was it about this picture?

Woke up. First thing. Checked the photo. Hm. Why is this photo such a big deal?!?

Hosted a movement workshop. Wrapped up and left to run a few errands.

The picture is still in my head. Hm. Weird. No clarity what the feeling is or why it is there. There is something to it. It feels good. And it's bigger than 'oh, cute' type of thing. 


Sitting at a light, and BOOM, the light bulb comes on! O.M.G. The realization! Bright and clear!

This picture...

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Conquering Fear


Have I mentioned that I have fear of heights?

It didn’t use to be the case till maybe 25 years ago and not sure why it developed.

Now I have a hard time getting to the ledge of anything high. I prefer to stay back.


Here comes X-Tasea, Acapulco - world’s largest over-water zip line and one of the adrenaline adventures the city offers. Because who wants to do something boring, right?

X-Tasea extends for more than a mile across Puerto Marquez Bay and reaches speeds of up to 75 mph at an altitude of 328 feet.

Thought to myself - this will be a cool experience to face my fear.

We got to the site - oh, those ropes look super high and long. I could sense the discomfort in my body. 

Climbed up a set of stairs. The ropes appeared even higher.

They weighted us. Thought to myself - definitely not a place you’d want to lie about your weight. Maybe humor will distract me?

We started getting set up with safety equipment, helmets. The upcoming experience...

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From Overwhelm to Clarity & Calm

The weather is grey and rainy. Our house is a mess – doing bathroom and yard renovations. It is dusty and noisy. There is stuff cluttered everywhere. The construction workers are in and out.

I like cleanliness and neatness.

Our puppy got fixed 2 weeks ago. Poor thing was dealing with a cone for over a week. She was surprised why we wouldn’t play with her. It was torturous to watch her struggle and keep her calm.

Business is exploding, and it is an exhilarating feeling. There is so much and exciting work to be done. Teaching, networking, submitting proposals, preparing presentations, learning new things, developing new strategies, executing on existing ones.

 All is going beyond great. I could not be more grateful where my life is right now.


However, the past couple of weeks have been intense. Really intense. Really demanding. In every aspect of life. I am that person who can go, go, go. And I am a master of pushing. I am a student of letting go and flowing in...

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It was a late, grey, cold winter Saturday evening.

We were wrapping up the re-arrangement and cleanup post our wellness event.

Both of us were exhausted. It had been a long week. The day had started hours before the actual event with preps and coordination, the unloading, decorating, etc. The event was fun and interactive. However, both of us were done and ready to go home to our families and seize whatever was left of the weekend. 

As we were chatting and gave each other a hug, the mood was upbeat: One day, we will be abroad, sitting at the beach and sipping cocktails remembering all these events and where we started.
Fast forward, 2 years later, here we are. Sunshine, water, beauty, fresh air, amazing people - doing what we love and sipping those cocktails we talked about as the sun sets. Wow, dreams do come true! Sometimes the timeline is different, sometimes there is a detour or two ....

And while people see the beautiful photos and joy, there are many who have...

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More life for me and others!

This is the word brightly glittering on top of my 2021 Vision Board.

I had been toying with a few words but this one really spoke to me and, ironically, kept showing up literally everywhere! 


It fascinates me how things unfold, and certain happenings make a deeper impression. You don’t know exactly why. But then all of a sudden, you begin hearing a repetitive message and theme everywhere. #Universe

First heard David Neagle talk about the Desire for More Life during his Art of Success Summit. The message resonated with me. Yes, can absolutely relate to this law as the more I follow in my purpose, the more alive and fulfilled I feel. 💯

Then I started rereading the book The Science of Getting Rich. Once again – astonishes me how I can read/ listen to the same material twice and get so much more the second time around. #Evolution.

There is a chapter that talks about ...

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